Agenda for the Brussels EA User Group Event 18th September 2015

The agenda for the EA User Group event in Brussels on the 18th September 2015 has been published.

It promises a day full of interesting topics for all EA users.

9:00 Registration,
9:30 Welcome
9:40 Modelling Microservices in EA
Sander Hoogendoorn
10:25 Coffee break
10:55 Track 1: EA @ Track
2: Architecture and Products
3: Workshops and How-to’s
10:55 EA@ACV-CSC
Geert Bellekens
Making Agile Work in Non-Agile Organizations: Collaborating with EA
Jackie and Ian Mitchell
Hidden Gems in EA
Peter Doomen
11:40 Switch
11:55 EA@ [TBD] Smartfacts
Christoph Bergner
BPMN from Use Cases – Development of an EA Extension
Phil Chudley
12:40 Lunch break
14:10 EA@Atrias
Tom Geerts
Enterprise Architect for an Enterprise Architecture
Bert Dingemans
Manage complexity with Model Based Systems Engineering
Rob de Jong
14:55 Switch
15:10 EA@ [TBD] Modelling the DNA of your company
Christian Gijsels
Implementing company standards in Enterprise Architect
Dennis Geluk
15:55 Coffee break
16:25 EA@ [TBD] Aligning international standards TOGAF® ADM and ArchiMate® in Sparx EA: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry
Tobias Ivarsson
Extending EA with Scripting or Add-ins? Get the best of both worlds with EA-Matic
Geert Bellekens
17:10 What’s new in EA v12
Daniel Siegl
17:55 Thank you
18:05 Finish break
18:30 Finish

Make sure to book your tickets in time

Tickets for EA User Group event Brussels September 2015 are available

On the 18th September we are organizing the first Belgian EA User group event in Brussels.

This event, that will take a whole day, will feature three English speaking tracks with presentations from many Enterprise Architect and IT industry experts such as Sander Hoogendoorn, Phil Chudley, Peter Doomen and myself of course.

Meet your fellow EA users, share your EA user experiences and learn new or better ways to use Enterprise Architect.

EA v12


For only € 75 you get a whole day of the best the Enterprise Architect community has to offer, including lunch and refreshments. You also get access to all the presentations of this event, and those of the Paris event of the 17th September.

Buy your tickets now from the EA User Group website

This EA User Group event is hosted by

and sponsored by

EA User Group Brussels 2015 Call for Speakers


September 18, 2015

There are still open spots for presentations on the next Enterprise Architect User Group event in Brussels on September 18, 2015.
More Info…

Join Sander Hoogendoorn, Peter Doomen, Geert Bellekens and many others and share your story about Enterprise Architect.

We are interested in just about everything you do with Enterprise Architect, from the organisation of your model to enhancements you have made using MDG or the automation API, or even just a project with which you are especially happy with. That said, we are not just after the sunshine stories and would be interested in hearing about any experiences learned the hard way. Presentations of an obvious or purely commercial nature will not be accepted.

Some example topics are:

  • Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF, DoDAF/UPDM)
  • Business Architecture, Capability Mapping, Process Modelling
  • Systems Engineering
  • Business Analysis, Requirements Management
  • Modelling Languages (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate)
  • Data modelling
  • Code generation/IDE integration
  • Project management
  • EA-based reporting
  • EA scripting and automation
  • Simulation
  • Tool adoption/deployment
  • MDG Technologies/UML profiles
  • Model collaboration and management
  • Test management

Do you have a story to tell? If so, please let us know.

Closing date for Speaker submissions for the
Enterprise Architect Brussels Conference 2015 is
August 18, 2015 

You will be confirmed as a speaker no later than August 28 2015.
Thank you for taking time to share with us!

Sponsorship opportunities

If you are an Enterprise Architect partner organisation or provide EA-related services and products, you are invited to join us at this conference. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

EAWorkplace: all you need for EA in one place

During the Munich EA User Group event Ian and Jackie Mitchell, known as the owners of eaDocX and main drivers of the EA User Group presented EAWorkplace to the assembled EA community.

This website, aims to become

Your one-stop shop for all Sparx Enterprise Architect tools, services and talent.

Based on four categories: Tools, Talent, Training and Resources they aim to be an independent source for all your Enterprise Archtitect needs is also mentioned, in a rather flattering way

There are a few people in the EA world who are so well-known that they are referred to just by their first name.

First amongst that group is Geert Bellekens, all-time top contributor to the EA Forum, and all-round EA guru.

His blog at is one of the best places for in-depth EA knowledge.You’ll learn a lot!

Currently Tools, Training and Resources are being completed. In the future they also want to include a section for Talent, where you can find specialized consultants to help you with advanced EA features.

So is EAWorkplace the “one-stop shop” for EA? No yet, but it is certainly an excellent initiative that earns our support. And with that support it may one day become that “one-stop shop” it aims to be.

EA User Group Event Utrecht

On the 5th of February 2014 there’s a new EA User Group event in Utrecht in the Netherlands

Enterprise Architect

I will be doing a demonstration of how you can actually create an EA add-in in 10 minutes, based on the Tutorial on this blog.

Below the full agenda of the event.
For more details and booking visit

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you there.

Agenda Utrecht